To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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Once the date and time of the game in question has passed, you may enter the Results link in the left column after logging into Basketball, Admin using the Manager's (Coach) password. Your teams game will automatically come up and you must enter the winning and losing point total for your team and your opponent. If you enter a commissioner's password you may select your league and then enter all the results for all your games at one time, but it is recommended that the winning coach be tasked with this responsibility.

In the event you wish to modify a game score for your team, go to Teams and Schedules after logging into Admin and select your league and team. On that page, you click on the spreadsheet symbol next to the game you want to adjust and that will take you to the next page labeled "Edit - Game Results". You may then select the date of the game, the location, the league and the home team as well as the opponent. You then make the adjustment of the score as appropriate and click Submit.