To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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Please be aware that all coaches you recruit must be entered into the Member database, if they do not already exist as a parent, by going to Admin and then clicking on Members and Add a Member and entering relevant data. Most of your coaches should be parents of registered kids so you should have minimal entry here unless you have recruited outside the league.

Once the coach is in the Member database, you may enter their last name on the Members page and click Find Them. Then once their name comes up you double click their name and under "Teams" you select the team they are coach of (this is based on the color of the team, e.g., Orange4g) as well as their position of Coach.

To verify, go back to the Basketball Home Page and click on "Team Contacts". The coaches name and contact info should appear under the appropriate team and league.

Once you enter all your coaches you then may go to the Member page, select email list, coach as Position, highlight your league at the bottom of the page and click Find Them and you will see a blank email form with the coaches names as addressees.