To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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1. Coaches must submit a valid House Coach Application including completion of the BD Test and the Background Investigation (as soon after November 1 as possible).
2. Commissioners must assign all coaches (on the coach registration record at our WEB site), after a valid Coach App is received, to the proper team so that "Team Contacts" are complete and coaches by team can be verified (as soon after November 1 as possible).
3. League commissioner conducts a draft of players (by NLT Nov 7).
4. Coaches assign players to teams using WEB site (NLT Nov 10).
5. Schedule Coordinator provides practice schedule to league commissioners and uploads the game schedules to (NLT Nov 10).
6. League commissioners provide practice schedules to each coach and explains how to access game schedule (Approx Nov 10).
7. League commissioners and coaches encourage parents, based on "Not Taken BD Test" report at "", to complete the BD test prior to November 15. (Those parents who volunteered to be a BD, but did not take the test, will be billed the non-volunteer fee the week after the first game and will be required to pay that amount before participating in any further VYI sports. After January 1, these kids will not be allowed to play without parents taking the BD Test or paying the non-volunteer fee.)
8. Coaches must complete a "Building Director Schedule" prior to first practice scheduled, ideally, but if not before first game (December 1), All games will be suspended for the team until such time as the "BD Schedule" is complete.