To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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Referees for second through third grade games receive payment for their efforts. These referees are expected to know the rules of basketball and to enforce them fairly during a game. Because these are development leagues, the level of enforcement may be pre-set before a game by the league commissioner, but this must be minimized because VYI Basketball wants all children to learn the proper way to play our game.

Many of the referees for fourth through high school league games are paid professionals and should be held to a higher standard than the referees in earlier grade level games. It is expected that there should be full enforcement of rules at this level.

All referees are expected to apply rules fairly and to treat all players, coaches and parents with respect. However, during the game the referee has total control of the gym and may eject any coach, parent, or spectator from the gym for loud or obnoxious behavior which detracts from the play of the game. All coaches, parents and spectators are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship by refraining from harassment of referees and the players from opposing teams.


If referees are missing from a game or late, the game should be started as much on time as possible with parents or coaches filling in as available. The game will count in the standings. Missing referees must be reported by a coach or parent to the Referee Commissioner at or to the league commissioner, so that unreliable referees can be identified and appropriately disciplined.

In the event of poor referee performance, or if the referee insults or berates or uses foul language to a player, parent, or coach, that referee should be immediately reported to the Referee Commissioner Andre Jones at  or to the Basketball Commissioner, Jay Brigham, at


ANYONE, 16 years old or above, INTERESTED IN BECOMING A REFEREE FOR PAY, SHOULD CONTACT Andre Jones at the  NO EARLIER THAN November 15th, for the current season.