To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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VYI Basketball provides all the necessary equipment needed to play the game of basketball except for personal items such as sneakers and gym shorts.


VYI provides a uniform t-shirt of the same color for each team in a league. 


VYI also provides gym space and basketballs. In addition, VYI provides such luxuries as glass backboards in some gyms, professional scoreboards, as well as higher quality basketballs to make the game more enjoyable for all our players. In some cases VYI has paid the schools to paint three point lines on the floors of their gym so that the three point shot option is available in our games.


From fourth grade through high school, VYI provides trophies to the top two teams in the end of season tournament. Plaques are provided for third and fourth place in 4th-8th grade leagues and trophies for first and second place.