To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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Welcome to the VYI Basketball House League

This is a program for 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders, all of whom are part of VYI's Development League for new basketball players. The idea is to make the sport as much fun as possible while positively reinforcing the participants. We do not want any child to fail at any level of this program and we strive to give them the best beginning basketball experience possible.

Children in kindergarten are allowed in the first grade leagues if their parents believe they are mature enough to do so.  However, children that do play in first grade league as kindergartners will remain with their grade and play in the first grade league again when they are first graders.  VYI Basketball is grade based.  Parents who believe that their child is skilled to play up a grade should contact the league commissioner before assessments.

Coaches at this level are strongly encouraged to stress the fundamentals of basketball in a stress free learning environment using a positive reinforcement system. To do this each coach is offered a set of skills that VYI would like them to teach and a set of drills that they can use to teach the skills. Coaches are also expected to use their own drills that will reinforce the skill levels of the beginning players.

Coaches at this level are required to play all players equally so that one star will not emerge and outshine all the other players. We attempt to assign ten players to each team to allow for even playing time whenever possible and so that two squads can be formed to scrimmage in practice.

A key element of VYI's House program is equal players on each team, so assessments are conducted at this age level, and at all age levels, to try to fairly rate the players so that when inter squad scrimmages are held the score will be roughly equal.

Standings are not kept in these grades. Scoring is not allowed in the first grade. In the second grade score is kept by quarter. In the third grade score may be kept for the entire game, but is not reported.

Skills that VYI wishes to teach include the ones listed on the Junior Level Objectives page. VYI offers positive reinforcement for the proper demonstration of these skills in the form of Certificates of Achievement for each skill level. (See below) It is the hope of VYI that children will be encouraged to work on these drills at home with parents, and at practice, so that all players can become proficient at our game in the time frames designated below