To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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To pay for weekday and weekend gym space, referees, scoreboards, backboards, line painting, balls, bags, shirts/uniforms for players, uniforms for All Star and tournament players, replacement of gym floors, and, in lieu of fund raising, an annual contribution to the VYI Capital Fund, it is necessary for VYI to charge a fee for basketball registration. The fees vary by age group, because VYI provides more experienced referees and somewhat better game space as the age level progresses. The fees also vary by family size because VYI Basketball would like all family members to participate.

VYI assists families experiencing a financial hardship for a particular season. See Waiver Rqmts under this menu item.

House League

On-Line Registration and Fees

VYI encourages early on-line registrations and offers a reduced fee for registations completed and paid in full prior to tryouts (must be submitted on-line before Wednesday Midnight preceding tryouts, or higher fees apply), because the administrative work load for VYI volunteer officials is reduced considerably by this method. Fees are available by registering online and are not available here, but the range of base fees is between $105 from the lowest, to the highest fee of $150.

 If information is not provided successfully on-line, or if form and payment are not received until after the Midnight Wednesday deadline preceding tryouts, or anytime thereafter, higher fees apply. For all registrations received after Midnight Wednesday preceding tryouts, or for payments received after that time the higher fee will be required whenever paid, even if registration was completed prior to the deadline.
NOTE: You must also add $35, per parent per child, to the base fee, if not volunteering.

If on-line registration is completed after Wednesday Midnight preceding the first day of scheduled House tryouts (2nd-8th grade mid-October, 9th grade and above early-November), higher fees will apply.

VYI requires you to pay by electronic check or credit card on-line.

Any parent that does not want to volunteer to assist our league, or is unable due to physical disability or illness, may exclude themselves from volunteering by adding $35, per parent per child, to their fees (this also applies to any families who request a waiver of all fees). Parents wishing to volunteer for a league position, but not familiar with our sport may do so by selecting Building Director, which requires taking and passing a brief test on gym procedures and attending one or two practices and games during the season as a Building Director.

Registrants for the House league after the season is underway, must contact the League Commissioner for their age and gender for permission, and if approved, will be granted a partial waiver of fees based on the following schedule. If a player starts play on or before the dates listed below the following fees apply:

  1. Anytime after November 15 but prior to December 31 - full standard (undiscounted) fees
  2. After December 31 but prior to January 15 - 80% of standard (undiscounted) fee
  3. After January 15 - 50% of standard (undiscounted) fee

County League

Division I or Division II County Fees

All grades-each child, with no discounts offered, a specific fee related to the costs of County basketball is charged pursuant to the listing on the registration form. The fee includes home & away uniform and shooting shirt, sizing, delivery, replacement due to defects of manufacturer, special numbering and lettering are provided as part of the fee. The fee also includes Fairfax County Youth Basketball League dues (includes referees) and Fairfax County per player fees, Fall practice time, weekend practice time, extra weekday practice time in the Winter based on availability, new composite balls, embroidered ball bags for teams, coaches uniforms, other miscellaneous items, and in lieu of fund raising, a contribution to the VYI Capital Fund. A $30 late fee will be charged if payment is received after one week from the date of selection. Fees must be paid before uniforms are ordered.

For all players trying out for County the House fee for the appropriate age level must be paid and registration completed on-line in advance of tryouts in October. Those not registered on line will be turned away prior to the second tryout.

Any registrant selected for and accepting a position on a County team and later choosing not to play, is not allowed a refund of any money paid to VYI. If the registrant chooses to play with another team or simply to transfer to the House league, if positions are available, they will not be refunded any money paid and they will be subject to late payment penalties..

NOTE: Anyone registering after the second tryout for County, and subsequently making a County team, will automatically be charged a $30 late fee.