To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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Please read the following complete page carefully before registering.

All any girl, or boy, needs to do to play in the VYI House Basketball League is to submit an online application to the League, beginning September 10, pay the fee and attend a tryout/rating session in October, as required for the appropriate grade level and gender. See the menu item entitled "Leagues" (Select your grade level), "Tryouts" for details on dates, times and locations.

Registration for the regular season should be accomplished ON LINE (Locate the menu item named "Register Online" in the left hand column, available September 10) .


  1. On Line registration - this will save your family $$$ per individual registrant if submitted by October 15 for grades 1-8 and November 17 for HS leagues. Late registrants may continue to use on-line registration but at a higher fee after the initial cutoff date. Families having more than two children are offered a discount for each additional child. To register, input the required data, save a copy of the info and use our credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT) system at any time. The registrant must attend a tryout on the scheduled dates in mid-October (2nd-8th grade, 1st graders exempt from tryouts), or in early-November for 9th grade and high school, or some other date agreed to by the League Commissioner.
  2. If you experience difficulty registering on-line it is the applicants responsibility to find a computer that works correctly. We will help you via email. 
  3. If you are in a two-parent household EACH parent must volunteer or pay the $35 fee. If you are a single parent, please code the volunteer position for the Mom or Dad, whichever applies, and code the volunteer position as "Parent Not at Home/Disabled/Deceased" for the other parent.  You and your spouse, if one is living at home, or is actively involved in raising your child, MUST VOLUNTEER OR PAY THE $35 FEE. There is no waiver of this requirement so if you wish a Waiver, but are unwilling or unable to volunteer, your fee would be a minimum of $70.                                                                                  
  4. TO REGISTER AFTER THE FIRST MONDAY IN NOVEMBER, YOU MUST FIRST CONTACT THE LEAGUE COMMISSIONER FOR YOUR CHILD'S GRADE & GENDER (HS MAY REGISTER AT TRYOUTS) FOR PERMISSION TO JOIN THE LEAGUE. The league commissioner will then make arrangements to open the online registration system for you and you will be expected to complete the registration online.

    If you want to car pool you must complete the ON-LINE form entitled "Teammate Request" for your child's age and gender with any requests for car pools and send it to your league commissioner. Forms sent to other locations including our main email address will be ignored.  PLEASE BE AWARE there are MANDATORY drafts and assignments for setting up 4th grade teams and older, that do not include provisions for car pools.

    If you request a waiver, you MUST fill out the ON-LINE form entitled "Waiver Request". You must register your child first and all data on the form must match data provided while registering. If it does not, or you and your spouse have volunteered as a Building Director, but have not completed the test, your waiver request will be denied.

    Some or all games for 6th - 8th grades and many if not all games for high school ages will be on Sundays so if your beliefs preclude games on Sunday, you may not wish to register, as you will be subject to our Refund rules detailed under "Fees".