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Sometimes, parents register their child, but decide not to pay until a later date. That is fine, as long as they pay before three days have elapsed. The VYI system automatically deletes any registration that has not been paid after three days from the time of entry.

If paying after registration the parent takes the following steps, unless their child is on the Wait List:

1. Go to WEB site
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the left hand menu until they come to "Edit My Account" and click on that menu item
3. Enter the email address used when registering
4. Enter the password provided when registering. If the password was forgotten, the system will mail the password to the parent by simply entering the parent's email address and clicking "Submit"
5. Shortly, the password to use will be sent to the parent's mailbox and can be retrieved
6. Parents should  click on "Edit My Account" where they entered their email address and enter the password and click "Submit". This time the system will take the user to a page showing outstanding amounts and will explain how to pay the outstanding bill owed to VYI
7. Parents follow the instructions on the page and use either an electronic check or credit card to pay the balance due

If a child is on the Wait List, parents cannot pay using the above method. They must contact the League Commissioner for their gender and grade and get approval to have their child moved to the main registration roster for a certain period of time and then they must pay within that time frame. If they do not pay in that time frame, the complete registration record should be deleted and if the parents want their child to play, they must start completely over.