To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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The Basketball Commissioner is responsible for determining the number of players who will participate in a given league based on gender and grade. This is done during the registration process as the Basketball Commissioner sees the interest in that league. The maximum number of players in a league may be adjusted by the Basketball Commissioner during the registration process. Normally, the number of teams is simply the total registrants divided by 9 or 10 players by team, depending upon availability of gyms for practices and games.

The Wait List is used only when a league is "full" as confirmed by the League Commissioner in conjunction with the overall Basketball Commissioner at a date close to November 7-10. At the point the league is "full", anyone registering from that point until registration is completely closed, is automatically placed on the "Wait List" for that league by the registration software and is not required to pay at that time. If sufficient interest exists for that league, such that the Wait List expands to the approximate size of one full team (8-10 players), then the League Commissioner should consult the Basketball Commissioner to determine whether the additional interest will result in a change in the number of teams authorized by the Basketball Commissioner for that league in that season. If additional teams are authorized, it is the responsibility of the League Commissioner to notify the players on the Wait List that they have a few days to pay their fees and that they will be assigned to a team when they pay.

In the high school leagues, because the commissioner wishes to have as many players of those who signed up to participate, the Wait List is sometimes used to "store" players who have registered, but who did not attend the mandatory tryouts in anticipation that they will get a chance to play a partial season as other openings become available as the season moves along. These players may have paid their registration fees, but have not been assigned to a team since they did not attend a tryout. In that event, those players may be added to teams as the season progresses, based on the desires of the League Commissioner in conjunction with the Basketball Commissioner. The League Commissioner must be certain the player is welcomed to the team and that the coach of the team contacts the new player to identify practice and game times and locations.

1. If paid, but the player is not assigned to a team by January 15, money will be refunded on request through March 1 by submitting a Parent Refund Request.
2. If Not Paid and the player is assigned before the first game in the new year, and participates, no refund will be provided.
3. Assignments after the first game of the new year will carry reduced fees based on the schedule published at the VYI WEB site, so if full amount has been paid in advance, a partial refund is possible, on submisson of a Parent Refund Request.
4. If Not Paid and the player is assigned, but parent does not wish child to play, a full refund will be made ONLY if parent submits a Parent Refund Request within 14 days of the time the child was assigned.

To move a registered player from the Active roster to the Wait List, an Admin officer, or the overall Basketball Commissioner, must check the box entitled Wait List on the right hand side of the participant record, shown when "List" is selected in the registration area , and then scroll to the bottom of the list to the box that says "Choose Action" and scroll to "Save Edited Fields" and hit "Go".

To move someone off the Wait List and onto the regular list, simply uncheck the Wait List box and then scroll to the bottom to the box that says "Choose Action" and scroll to "Save Edited Fields" and hit "Go". The player then automatically moves to the Active roster.