To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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1. Attend pre-season meeting and review Commissioner Materials.

2. Check Registration List and ensure all unpaid/partially paid are put on Wait List and notified they will not be placed on a team until payment in full is received.

     a. Obtain list of all coaching volunteers and contact each to attend tryouts.
     b. Require all coaches to submit a House Coach Application (not County) prior to November 10.
     c.  Ensure all coaches are properly recorded in the Members database as the coach of a specific team, e.g.,  Orange  4G. Once complete, verify that names appear in Team Contacts for league.

3. Contact two volunteers for both Saturday and Sunday tryouts and arrange for them to be present at your tryouts to handle admin work.

4. Continue to review registration list for late registrants and arrange tryout times so that all can be fairly rated. Based on number of players, receive team numbers from VYI Basketball Commissioner.

5. Contact all UNPAID on your Wait List registrants and set a protocol and deadline for payment for any you can fit onto teams.

6. Complete tryouts. To maintain team strength at an equal level, all players should undergo a tryout each year so that they may be properly evaluated by a league official.

7. Conduct draft of players to form teams using ratings and coach discretion by NLT Nov 10.

8. Pick up balls and uniforms and distribute to coaches. Ensure balls are given to each coach based on the name tag affixed to each ballbag.

9. Only after all coaches have completed all preliminary requirements (House Coach App, BD Test, Background Investigation) obtain practice and game schedules from VYI Basketball Commissioner and distribute practice schedule to coaches via email. Game schedules will be posted at the "WWW.VYI.ORG"  WEB site. 

10. Require coaches to submit a BD Schedule using the WEB site at "" for all practices and games.

15. Take the clock you are assigned to the appropriate gym and visit briefly with custodian to arrange clock procedures. Any required gratuities will be reimbursed by VYI.