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The Wait List is for children who either exceed the authorized number in a league, or who have not paid or filed the proper paperwork for a waiver of fees. Every time the commissioner reviews the registration list for his league, all persons who have been regisered more then three days (system should automatically delete any unpaid registrations after 3 days) but have not paid the correct amount should be moved to the Wait List.

As spaces in your league become available, children should be moved off the Wait List to the main roster in the exact order they registered. This should not be used to add kids the commissioner knows or likes, but should be fair and unbiased based on registration date and how quickly the family pays or complies with the waiver requirements.


The software does not allow anyone to pay using the WEB while they are on the Wait List, so the name must be moved from the Wait List to the regular registration roster to allow the family to pay using a credit card or an electronic check. We do not want to receive paper checks if at all possible.

When adding someone, the commissioner must contact the family and tell them they have 24 hours to pay online or complete the waiver process, if they want their child to play. The commissioner should go into the registration list and scroll to the bottom and uncheck the name(s) of those kids who are supposed to be added and Submit the list so that the names are added to the regular roster, still showing as owing VYI.  24 hours later or when notified the family has paid, the commissioner must re-enter the registration list and verify payment and re-check anyone's name who has not paid so that they go back to the Wait List.

To pay by credit card or electronic check(debit checking), families simply go to the Edit My Account menu item and follow the instructions. If, and only if, a family does not have a credit card, they may send a check to:

9521 Leemay Street
Vienna, VA  22182

To complete the waiver process the family must register online, both parents must volunteer or pay the $35, per parent per child, fee to the address above or by credit card online, and since Building Director is the only possible volunteer position, must complete or have completed the BD test in one of the last two years. VYI is notified when someone takes and submits a BD test at our WEB site so we will be notified and can verify that part of the process.