To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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Every House & County coach, and every team volunteer whose name is listed under "Team Contacts", must complete an application every year. The application may be found in the left hand menu at this WEB site entitled "Register Online" as it is a registration form. The application requires both House and County coaches to read and agree to several sets of information which will help guide them through the year and provides important information about how to perform critical activities within VYI..

The application form, once completed and reviewed by the league commissioner,  provides information about all persons performing child related activities for VYI and serves as a check for VYI that none of its coaches have been convicted of any offense in the past year which might prejudice their position as a Team Coach/volunteer. The form also provides a reference with contact information for the commissioner to use in the event the commissioner is not familiar with the individual applying to lead a team.

The commissioners must satisfy themselves that every applicant for a house coaching position is suitable for dealing with the children in their league and if they have concerns they must immediately bring those to the attention of VYI officials.

The Coach Application is not considered valid until every coach completes a Building Director test as well as completing a Background Investigation within the past two year period covering the final day of the VYI Basketball regular season.