To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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Every coach in every league must create a Building Director schedule for every practice and game PRIOR TO RECEIVING PRACTICE SCHEDULES and GAME SCHEDULES. This is necessary because Fairfax County entrusts the gyms to VYI's care and expects VYI to have competent and concerned parents assigned to protect the gyms from vandalism or overly exuberant parents and children. This saves VYI and parents a considerable amount of money that otherwise would have to collected in increased fees.

The BD schedule is submitted by a coach via an online form from the "" WEB site. This WEB site will list all those parents who have qualified to be a Building Director by volunteering and taking the test within the online form.

1. Assign BD volunteers to each practice. While VYI and Fairfax County allows coaches to be a Building Director at practices, VYI recommends against this and would prefer a parent, unassociated to teaching the children, to police the gym.

2. Assign BD volunteers to each game. A team coach cannot, by Fairfax County rule, be a BD at a game. A parent must be assigned and that parent should not be in the stands watching the game. They should be walking around the gym and the hallways outside the gym to ensure that no vandalism is taking place, no food or drinks other than water are in the gym, and VYI families are acting in an acceptable manner.

If parents or children are not acting in an acceptable manner, the BD should ask them to stop what they are doing. If they do not comply the BD should disengage and then contact the Fairfax County police for assistance.