To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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Those parents who volunteer as Building Directors may be called upon to assist at tryouts. This is a very important activity as they control the flow of players into the gym and determine whether all players attempting to tryout are properly registered and paid. The responsibilities of these volunteers are as follows:

1. Arrive fifteen minutes ahead of the scheduled tryout time for your age group. Speak with the volunteers who have preceded you and see if they have experienced anything that would help you do your task better.

2. Ensure that doors are properly marked as EXIT doors so that people do not EXIT through an entry door in the front gym at Thoreau. Entry is at the first door on the right as you enter the back doorway at Thoreau. No entry or exit should be allowed from the second doorway and the "back" door shold be used for EXIT only.

3. Ensure the table is stocked with sufficient supplies to complete your task:

a) Paper registration forms and pens.

b) Receipt book in the event  you receive checks without forms.

c) Registration list for your grade and gender.

d) Blue tape to identify paid registrants for the personnel in the gym who are running the tryout.

e) A sheet explaining the requirements to obtain a fee waiver.

4. As each registrant approaches the table ask for their name and check the registration list to ensure they are paid

a) If someone shows up Saturday and they are not registered, they must either register on-line and then return to the gym within the times specified for tryouts for their grade level, or they must register on-line and return on Sunday. If they show up Sunday not registered and paid and cannot complete the process on-line, they must contact the league commissioner for their grade and gender and ask for a makeup tryout.

    1) An alternative to on-line registration is to allow a family to fill out a paper form and pay by check, but this requires extra work on the part of volunteers as they must enter the data, essentially doing the work for the family filling out the paper form.

    2) Paper forms must be entered into the VYI registration system within 48 hours of the receipt by the volunteers, if they choose to accept them.

    3) Any checks or cash collected the day of tryouts must be turned in to either Jay Brigham or Taylor Roberts, VYI representatives who will be at the tryouts.

b) If registered but not paid, they must not be allowed to enter the gym for a tryout until they have either paid in full or completed the requirements to request a waiver, which must be done on-line at our WEB site. Details are posted on our WEB site under Fees and copies of the pages are taped to the wall near the registration table.

c) If properly registered and paid, place a blue piece of tape prominently on a sleeve or back of a t-shirt to show the volunteer running tryouts who is eligible to participate.