To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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The first step is to print out a copy of Team Contacts for your league. This should list every person you have authorized to conduct a team meeting alone with VYI participants. It should exclude those who are not directly involved with the team who will never be alone with the team. Place 4 boxes next to each name, one for BD Test, Coach Application, Background Check and BD Schedule. These are the 4 critical elements each coach must complete before they can start their season. Use this document to check the status of your coaches.

1. Enter the administrative WEB site at "" using your name and assigned password.

2. Click on the horizontal menu item entitled "Reports"  and select Coach Applications for your league. There is a list of "All" who have submitted, and "Valid" indicating that coach has submitted his coaching application, has completed the Building Director test and has completed a Background Investigation.

3. If all your coaches are not listed on a "Valid" report for your league, they are missing a key element of the process that allows them to coach the children in our league.

4. Another report created for ease of understanding is called "Coach" also listed in the reports section of "Coach" lists all the assigned head coaches and the status of the completion of the Coach App (True or False), the BD Test (True or False), and the Background Check (Valid, Pending, Unknown or Denied). If the report shows a BC is Unknown, it is either because the applicant has failed to complete the check, or has failed to click Submit once they have completed the BC.

League Commissioners are expected to contact any coach not listed as valid in an effort to get all coaches qualified. In the event a coach is not qualified, that coach must be replaced by the League Commissioner. If there are questions about a rating received the League Commissioner should contact the Basketball Commissioner.

No practice times will be issued to a league until all coaches are fully qualified.

Any team without a fully qualified coach, will have their games canceled by VYI Basketball until all names listed on Team Contacts become fully qualified.