To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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To determine who has volunteered for the current season, commissioners have password access via Basketball, Admin at the VYI WEB site to registration information for their league. After clicking on Registration in the left hand Admin menu, commissioners should download the registration database for their league and determine who wants to be a coach. Then, after determining which coaches are selected (see below for criteria) each must be asked to complete the House Coach Application form, complete the Building Director test on-line and complete a Background Investigation (every two years).

Please verify that each coach you have recruited has filled out an application and none have any past or present accusations of child abuse or other felonies. If you do not personally know a coach/helper in your league, or know someone who can vouch for them, you must contact a Reference provided by the coaching candidate, or search available WEB databases (See Background Checks under this menu item) and satisfy yourself that the applicant is safe to place in proximity to our children. If you are satisfied the coaching candidate is acceptable to coach your child, then you may approve that applicant. Otherwise, the applicant should be rejected and told that you have sufficient coaches for the season.

Any information relating to child abuse or felony convictions you are familiar with about any coach, or any other team helper or person in your league, or any other information that you feel may influence a person's ability to deal effectively with our children, must be forwarded immediately to the VYI Basketball Commissioner.

Any person listed under "Team Contacts" on the WEB page must complete all coach requirements. Then the commissioner should review the House Coach Application report listed under Reports at "" to ensure all coaches and team helpers are properly registered.


Team coaches require data about who has volunteered to be a Building Director. This information is available under "Reports" at "" .

Team coaches must complete a BD Schedule for each scheduled practice and game prior to receiving practice schedules from their league commissioner. This is accomplished by accessing "Schedules" in "" , where all volunteers for Building Director who have completed a Building Director test within the past two years are listed once the coach access his specific team.