To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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Welcome to the VYI County program!


  • VYI is a 501 ( c ) (3) non profit organization run by volunteers. VYI Basketball operates both a House and a County (select) program, each of which has its own budget and operates semi-independently. County basketball costs more than House because of large fees we pay to the league we participate in, extra costs associated with procuring gyms to practice between October 15 and November 15, projected costs of extra gym time for two practices per week, added costs of better basketballs, and costs of uniforms.


  • This year 45% of the fee you pay goes to uniforms (down over 48% from last year), 22% to FCYBL club and team dues and referees, 14% for gym usage, 5% is for players fees with Fairfax County, 5% is contributed to VYI for the overall capital program, 4% is for scholarships, 3% for coaches uniforms, and 3% is for balls and bags. Uniform colors and styles change each year of the program as children grow. Many programs provide a reversible jersey, but VYI provides two quality uniforms (home and away) along with a new style and color shooting shirt each year.


  • We have 16 VOLUNTEER coaches in the VYI County program, each of which is interviewed regarding basketball knowledge and their ability to deal with children of the appropriate age group. Each coach is asked to teach fundamental basketball skills to the children on their team with secondary regard for won loss records.


  • All our coaches are conversant with basketball fundamentals so please do not try to help your coach teach the children on their team how to perform a certain skill. If you are ever concerned about the quality of coaching your child is receiving direct all questions to the VYI County Commissioner, who will in turn talk to the County coach.


  • All of our coaches have experience coaching children of the age level where they are assigned. They are not paid, but VYI does pay to buy books and send the coaches to clinics to help them learn to be better basketball coaches. Whenever possible, we do not allow a parent to be a Division I coach, but in some cases it is unavoidable. Division II coaches may be parents. Division II coaches may not coach the same age group for more than two years.  Our coaches are expected to stay with the same age level and not to move around with a specific team. That is done to ensure fairness in the tryout process and to maximize the opportunity for all our children to play at the select level .


  • We prefer that coaches change strategies from the bench as they recognize activities on the floor during a game using a number and color scheme, but sometimes coaches would rather change strategies during time outs or at half time. We prefer to have each team have an assistant coach in place, even if it is a parent, and we would like each team to have a Team Mom who will arrange for a parent volunteer keep the clock or book during each game and keep stats for each game for the coach.


  • Practice begins October 16 and coaches set the practice schedule based on available times provided by VYI. The first month prior to Thanksgiving, the league will have both weekend and two weekday practices scheduled. Games begin around December 1, but coaches may want to participate in a Thanksgiving weekend tournament to play some live games. Costs of that tournament are extra. Games end in early March after a season ending tournament for the top eight teams in each league.


  • Parents must expect lots of running, demanding coaches, high expectations, raised and agitated voices, demanding and challenging conditioning drills, and repeated drilling to instill instinctual fundamental movements, such as the proper jump stop.


  • Coaches will emphasize fundamental skills such as dribbling, passing, press breakers, press and trap aggression, rebounding, person to person defense rather than zone, weak side help and the shell drill. Your child, at all age levels and both genders, must get used to hard contact under the basket after free throws and when they box out after a shot.


  • We encourage our coaches and parents to have their kids eat nutritional foods, particularly during the basketball season. We also want parents to encourage their kids to be shooting a lot at home EVERY day, because that is the only way they will improve.


  • Please do not complain to your coach about playing time for your child. VYI sets a required time of 20% per half for each player with no requirement in the playoffs. This is far more lenient than in high school where there is no playing time mandated and players often go an entire game without leaving the bench. If you believe the coach is violating these guidelines, please bring it to the attention of the VYI County Commissioner.


  • We know parents have high expectations and they want their child to succeed, but we ask you to please let the coach handle your child on the basketball court during the upcoming season. Please do not tell your child what to do, particularly if it is different from what the coach is trying to teach. Please don’t communicate with your child during the game or at practice, other than for personal reasons. Let your coach handle his basketball team and deal with organizing practice, teaching fundamental skills, determining offense, defense and press breakers, etc.


  • Please don't disparage the coach in front of your child or other parents on the team. Everyone has an opinion, but please give our volunteers the benefit of the doubt. If you really believe the coach is not performing, and not teaching your child anything, bring it to the attention of the VYI County Commissioner (See paragraph 6. and 12. of Parent Agreement).


  • Please don't complain to the coach about losses. Different children have different growth patterns, talent varies from year to year and team to team, and athletic skills in one sport don’t always translate to others. Experience says that coaches have far less to do with wins and losses than do size, speed and basketball skills. Your coach isn’t trying to lose and he and the whole team need your support.


  • VYI will not tolerate inappropriate comments to referees during games. They are paid to do what they do and many times they have a totally different perspective on the fouls than you do. You may be upset by a call, but please let them do their job without yelling at them.


  • Please, have a great season.