To teach kindergartners through high school players the fundamentals and fun of basketball.

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VYI Basketball requires that all children in the program obtain a confidential rating of their abilities, each year they participate in the system. This rating is kept private and is only shared with the coaches and commissioners on an as needed basis. The rating is used by the commissioner to help form even teams, so every child should try their best to show their proper ability.

The rating system is based on seven categories which most closely predict the success of a player in basketball. Rating is based on a five point scale with "5" being the best player you have ever seen at this age level for that skill and "1" being thep layer rated cannot perform that skill in a game sitaution.








Each of these traits are measured each year in an annual tryout and then scores are recorded and passed to VYI's league office for storage in the league computer. The scores are also maintained by the league commissioner who is charged with putting together the most equal teams he/she can based on the ratings.

During tryouts there should be only one person who rates and the ratings should reflect that single persons opinion, not a conglomeration of ratings from different people.


The method to use to rate the children is as follows:

Requires some admin help to line chldren up, 4 coaches/helpers and one rater

1. Player dribbles to a coach at mid court with off-hand as fast as possible and then back downcourt returning to roughly the point of origin making several cross overs and reverses with either hand, if they can. (Player gets a DRB grade)
2. Player then passes back and forth to a coach using bounce, chest, overhead and one handed passes.(Player gets a PAS grade)
3. Player dribbles length of court with as much speed as possible toward a defender and tries to score within ten seconds. (Player gets a revised DRB grade, a shot SHT grade and a SPD grade, defender gets a DEF grade, and both kids get a RBD and AGGR grade...may redo shot grade by putting player at foul line for one or two quick shots and rebound by putting one player behind another and have the coach shoot and ask the players to aggressively rebound the it twice with each child boxing out one time, if a question)
4. The defensive player then moves to offense and repeats 1, 2 and 3 above at his end and offensive player hustles to other end to act as defender.
5. Next two players take the court.

This procedure measures DRB, PAS, SHT, SPD, DEF, RBD, AGGR

Each player gets about 45 seconds so 100 players can be run through in 75 minutes of non-stop action and each commissioner should plan on this type of intensity for the coaches helping and the raters.

Once both days of tryouts are complete, the comissioner must consolidate the ratings and place them in an EXCEL spreadsheet with fileds for LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME, DRB, PAS, SHT, SPD, DEF, RBD, AGGR, sort them alphabetically by last name and send via email to .

Receipt of RATINGS in a timely fashion will determine when a league receives its practice schedule.