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Commissioners need to explain to coaches there are two web sites we use. One provided by League Athletics is and that is where everyone registers for play, to take the Building Director test, to be a House Coach, to take the Background Check, etc. It is the site that collects the money, where the Rosters and Wait List are maintained and where emails are sent from, to teams and the league. does not allow sorting and presentation of data as needed to efficiently manage the organization so a second website was created. was completed in 2013 and is designed to help the league commissioners and other league administrators determine the status of coaches, to be able to quickly look up Building Directors, to handle Building Director Schedules, to easily see Owed Not Equal Paid information, and to view other information based on data originally entered at

Access to is via using an email address as USERID and a password created by the individual. There are many duplicate records in this database because parents are impatient and rather than waiting for the system to remind them of their password, they simply enter another record. Dups cause administrators lots of problems and waste a huge amount of time for the league.

Access to is set up to be different for commissioners and coaches. Commissioners access this website by using their name as the USERID and a password they control. Coaches access this site by using their email address and a phone number found on their League Athletics registration record.